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How Much to Charge as an Influencer

Being an Instagram influencer is not a get-rich-quick scheme. To make money at it, you need to work hard and be persistent. While it can be a lucrative job, most people who do it full-time seem to have a strong portfolio of brands they collaborate with and might also be working on their own products or building up equity in another company.

End of the Financial Year for Freelancers

As a freelancer, there are a number of things that you need to consider to ensure that you are complying with your obligations and optimising your financial position. We've had our friends at Gunderson Briggs Accountants pop together some tips for Tax time!

10 ways to maximise your engagement on Instagram

We’ve all seen those brands on Instagram that have such high engagement, they could rival the influence of Greta Thunberg’s climate change speech. They’re not even necessarily the accounts that have the most followers, or that get the most likes on their photos. But their audience seems to be holding onto their every word, commenting on their every post and buying their every product or service. So, what’s their secret? Are they using sneaky bots or a team of 20 to follow thousands of Instagram accounts per day? Maybe — but more likely, they’ve just figured out the key, daily tasks that yield maximum genuine engagement.The good news is, by following these 10 simple tips, you too can maximize your Instagram engagement and build a strong sense of loyalty and community around your brand. Let’s jump in!

Instagram Tips for Beginners: The Dummies Guide to Crushing It on IG

Chances are you have an Instagram account, but are you crushing it or just cruising?

How to Become a Model in Australia: The Definitive Modelling Industry Guide

Have you ever wondered how to become a model? Unfortunately modelling doesn’t always have a clear cut career path laid out for you unlike careers such as teaching or nursing and there is no certainty that you will ever get a job working as a model.

How to show your rates on your profile

New feature alert! You can now display your rates on your profile page on theright.fit

How to Use the Paid Partnership Feature on Instagram & Enable Businesses to Promote Your Content

An increasing amount of influencers are using Instagram’s “Paid Partnership With” feature to grow their audience, and brands are also utilising Instagram 'sponsored posts' to reach a wider audience than is achievable through purely organic reach.Instagram is now one of the best channels for the promotion and distribution of paid social ads. In fact, Instagram's ad revenues are poised to reach over 18 billion US dollars by 2021. We've all seen the increase in prevalence of influencer marketing in our feeds, and know the power of UGC and influencer recommendations. Paid partnership put the power of both of these features into one handy tool for marketers and influencers to use.The paid partnership feature increases transparency with the audience, offers access to insights and eliminates the risk of negative consequences from sponsored posts, such as any confusion around disclosure or issues with AANA or ACCC. There are a number of effective techniques and strategies that you could implement to promote your branded content on Instagram; however, we will discuss how brands can use paid partnership feature to reach new audiences and increase engagement rates.

An Industry Guide on rates you should be charging - talent side

One of the top questions we are asked is “What should I charge, or as a client, what should I pay?”The question comes from seasoned veterans of the industry and newbies alike. We have put together some standard industry guide rates to help you set your budget for your next project.

How to connect Stripe and receive payments

Ever wondered how to connect your bank account to receive payments on theright.fit?It is important that your bank account is linked to ensure you receive payments for your campaigns on time. We use Stripe as our payment service provider to facilitate payment which will be sent to you upon completion of a job. Stripe helps businesses (theright.fit talent) receive payments over the internet.

How to Become a Successful Actor in Australia: 11 Steps all Successful Actors Take

Some aspiring actors end up in acting roles that are not exactly what they want. Most actors and actresses who are just starting to accept these roles only because they expect that someday their star will shine. Cliche as it sounds, fame doesn't come easy. If it did, everyone who has ever been cast in any movie or film would become rich and famous.

What is a Content Creator? Tips to Become a Successful Content Creator

It can be tough to define "content creator", so here's the easiest definition...This article is content. And by writing it, we're content creators. Content creators, as the name suggests, create content that educates, informs, or inspires across any medium. Blog posts, YouTube videos, Instagram Reels, etc. Content creators love to share their ideas about information that a particular group of the audience is interested in. Simply put, they are the people who make the internet what it is today. Read on to find out more about what people engaged in content creation exactly do, what types of creators exist, and what it takes to succeed in this industry as a content creator.

How to Nail Your Next Job Application on theright.fit

“Diving into the creative world and applying for jobs can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Nobody is an expert first try and with some practice you will be sending creative kickass applications like a pro!” - Klaire Cole

How to send your Instagram Insights after an influencer campaign

At the end of an influencer campaign, most clients will ask that you send in a screenshot of your insights. What is it that they need exactly? Well, we are here to answer all that!

TFP Collaboration: Making ‘Time For Print’ Work For Your Brand

Time for Print (TFP) . Whether you’re new to the industry or a veteran of your craft, we’re sure this term means something to you. We hope it’s been a great chance to improve your portfolio while gaining real world industry experience, but we know you’ve probably all got a horror story to tell when it comes to TFP and unpaid work.