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Frequently asked questions

Have questions? We’re here to help.

Is booking influencers actually free?

Yes! We don't charge a commission when you book a talent through the marketplace. There are no fees to create an account, browse talent, or post a job.

Will I get applicants in under 3 hours?

Absolutely! If your brief is detailed and has the right budget, it'll get approved in about 10 minutes during AEST business hours. Once approved, active influencers can start applying straight away. Ensure your brief is thorough; the more straightforward, the quicker you'll see responses. If there's any hiccup, our team will promptly reach out to get everything on track.

How much should I pay influencers?

Influencer rates vary depending on several factors, including the platform (Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc.), the brand, and the brief. It also depends on whether you want to use the images on your social media channels. We've made it easy so you can post a job and select which category of influencers you'd like to receive quotes from (nano, micro, macro), and the influencer will quote you for the brief you have posted in theright.fit.

Can I keep my brand name anonymous?

Yes, you can keep your brand private. To do this, instead of saying Coca-Cola is looking for an influencer, say, 'Well-Known Soft Drink Brand looking for 50 Influencers'. Note that our team may need to confirm details with you before approving this kind of job.

Is it free to use?

Yes, it's free to sign up and start getting matched with jobs so you can build your career. We don't charge a commission percentage for influencer or creator jobs so you can manage all your clients in one place for free. Apply, chat, and get booked in one place.

Negotiating rates vs. set pricing

You are in control. Set your price and communicate directly with clients in-app. Discuss deliverables and showcase your work, and once you both align on the rates and dates, you're all set to be booked in.

Getting paid

Clients (brands) you choose to work with will provide details about payments and usage within the campaigns you apply for. You can then contact them directly to arrange payment in your country.

Contracts, terms and conditions with your clients (brands)

Take control and directly negotiate your contract terms with brands for your influencer campaigns and content creation jobs. Many brands will have standard contracts linked to their job listings; others will work under a mutual understanding. theright.fit Marketplace is here to help you meet brands, not control how your influencer business operates.

Rank higher by being active

We value and encourage active clients and talent on the marketplace. Those who consistently respond to messages, post jobs with clear deliverables, and provide detailed briefs, ensuring a smooth and effective collaboration rank higher.

Multiple job listings and consistent applicants

For Brands: Posting specific job listings tailored to specific deliverables/ideas will increase your chances of finding the ideal influencer. Remember, you might review approximately 50 creators per role. Ensuring your briefs are clear and detailed attracts the right influencers faster and paves the way for a successful partnership.

For Creators: While securing a booking might take up to 15 applications on average, it's essential to sift through brands to find the right alignment with your values, ensuring authentic and successful collaborations.

Centralized Communication

Keeping all interactions within our messaging system ensures transparency, easy tracking, and quick resolution of disputes. It protects brands and influencers, streamlining workflow and solidifying trust throughout the collaboration process.

Analytics and vetting go both ways

Both brands and influencers gain from detailed analytics and vetting. While brands scrutinize influencers for an ideal match, influencers are encouraged to assess brand profiles and track records. This two-way vetting fosters authenticity aligns values, and lays the foundation for fruitful collaborations. We urge both parties to practice this every time they collaborate.

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