Talent Spotlight : Model, actor & director Richie Hall


It's time for our Talent Spotlight Interview! Today, we sat down with Richie Hall, who’s a unique mix - not only is he a professional model, but he also works on the other side of the camera as a director! Richie's modelling experience takes him from high-end editorials, runways, and campaigns advertisements with big brands like GQ, David Jones, Zegna, General Pants Co & Incu. Continue reading as he answers questions about the modelling industry and gives valuable insights to anyone aspiring to become a full-time model, from someone who knows exactly what a director is looking for!

Can you tell us a little about how you started as a model?

I was scouted when I was 18 - I had absolutely no idea about the industry and had no ambition to model! I thought I would give it a shot and went into it looking for new experiences & challenges. And it's certainly given me some incredible opportunities over the years.

How does the market compare internationally for models to Australia?

The saying “Big fish little pond vs Big pond little fish” really applies here. Internationally there are so many top models from all over the world competing for the same roles, and it can be really hard to break through to secure big campaigns. In Australia obviously the industry is a lot smaller, and it gives models a great chance to secure bigger jobs and work with top brands.

What's the best job you've got through What's the best campaign you've ever worked on, and why?

Through, my favourite job was a shoot for La Di Darts - a new entertainment venue launched by the FunLab group, because I got to work with friends and play darts all day! I mean, tough gig right?! The best campaign I have ever worked on was for Myer - they flew me over to Perth for a few days to shoot at some great places, it was a really memorable campaign.

What three things does anyone starting in the modelling industry need to know?

Traditional modelling agencies are definitely not for everyone, and that's a good thing! There’s so many ways to build your own brand now, and get bookings outside of an agency.

I believe you need to meet as many people as you can and foster relationships with them. Photographers, stylists, makeup artists etc - network, network, network! Sydney is small, and there's a real chance you'll keep bumping into the same people on jobs or around socially. You'll also need to help each other out - building relationships and networks through helping each other always leads to commercial success down the track.

Don't feel that big money needs to be spent building a portfolio. It can and should be done for free or for very little. Do lots of test shoots/TFP, collaborate with people you meet in the industry, and make sure to keep building you book and updating your shots regularly.

What would you do differently if you started in the modelling industry today?

I think the industry is now a little oversaturated with models, want-to-be models and everyone in between! Social media has certainly changed the traditionally modelling landscape. I think its critical to build up skills outside of modelling, and if I look back on it I may have dived into film directing at an earlier stage, as its so complimentary to my modelling work. 

How do you think the modelling industry in Australia has changed in the last 12 months?

Since COVID, there is very little need for in-person castings. Which is good as they really do eat up a lot of a models time, driving around to different castings! Now most campaigns just cast from self test videos, or even from seeing your social media profiles, where they can get a feel for how you currently look, and move, and speak. So its really important for a model to have a showreel or video footage on their profile and make sure your social media pages are connected to profile.

You are also a film director and producer. What, in your opinion, is the most important quality of a film director? 

The most important quality is the ability to understand others and feel what they might be thinking. That and communication. Clear, considerate and calm!

How do you decide which brands to work with, and how do you set your rates for projects?

I just like working - I like being on sets, meeting people, networking and collaborating. I dont have a hard and fast rule about the type of campaigns I work on -  I'm willing to take on as many jobs as possible around my schedule, and there's some flexibility in rates - this is needed, especially when starting out. If I'm free the day of the shoot and it sounds like a fun job, I'd rather be working than not!

Which trends do you think will shape the industry (modelling or videography) this year / in the upcoming years?

More inclusivity, of shapes and sizes and everything else - gender, ethnicity, lifestyles, sexual orientation. Its great to finally see.

How important is social media for models & actors looking to secure work or build a brand?

I got into the industry before Instagram!. I've seen first-hand its increasing influence (for better or worse). Obviously, it's vital. Brands look to it first when they are picking models for campaigns now. They want to see not only what you really look like, but how creative you are and how you can pose and move, and also the number of followers someone has does play a role these days. It gives a brand confidence that people resonate with your look and like what you’re about. So whilst I don't focus on social media, I think it is important for newer models who are building up their experience and profile.

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