June 20, 2023

5 Tips for a Kickass TikTok Influencer Campaign

Master a Kickass TikTok Influencer Campaign with 5 essential tips! Grab attention, drive action, showcase products, boost conversions. Get the playbook now!

Straight out of the mouths of TikTok ANZ themselves, we’ve got the goss! 

Content creators and brands, let’s form an alliance. In this blog post we’re about to drop five fundamental points that will help you own the game, boost conversion and make your next campaign a viral sensation. With only 5 steps, this will be easier than baking a cake! 

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1. Integrate brand cues early ⏰

We’ve all got a billion things to do and multiple screens to watch, so you need to grab your viewers’ attention within the first 5 seconds or you’re gonna get swiped. Slam those brand cues into your TikTok influencer campaign like it’s nobody’s business! Flaunt the brand’s logo, showcase key products and throw in some visual elements such as text overlays, emoji’s and transitions - these will leave an instant impression on your audience.

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2. CTA! CTA! CTA! (Call to Action) 🤳🏽

You’ve got the power to make people take action, so don’t hold back! Yeah, sure, a CTA at the end of your video is a great way to keep audience retention, but make sure to also sprinkle it throughout your content! Whether it’s booking, purchasing, or snagging that sweet discount code, use direct commandments like ‘book now’ and ‘use my code to purchase’ to reinforce viewers to take action. Make it loud, make it clear and make those conversions rain! 💸 💸 💸 

3. Show your product in action 📹

Showcasing your product is all about keeping it tight, entertaining, and hella informative. This ain’t no boring lecture, so make it snappy and aligned with TikTok! Let your viewers see the product in action, highlight how easy it is to set up or how to use it in different scenarios - these clips can all be edited to the beat of a trending song.

Source: Glossy

4. Dish out the features and benefits 💥

Get straight to the point and alert viewers of all the things that make your product unique. Leave no room for confusion, keep features short and to a minimum, if you can’t say it fast enough, use visual aids or supplement with text overlay (but make it cute).  Trust the influencer and give them creative freedom to speak about key points in their own way. Ten seconds or less people, make every second count!

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5. Highlight product price and sales codes 💰 

Don’t gatekeep and leave your viewers guessing about the price tag, we’re all about transparency! Encourage conversions by clearly communicating the product’s price and utilise voiceovers and let the magical influencers do the talking. Did you know campaigns with voiceovers have a 12% increase in conversion rates? If you’ve got an exclusive discount code, shout it from the rooftops at the start and end of the video and also in the caption. Use that voice like Ursula used Ariel’s! 

Source: Modash
Now that you’ve got the playbook, you’ve got 10 seconds to captivate me, let’s go!

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