Introducing Our Client Spotlight Interview Series: Camilla Carey, Producer at Louis&Co

As a full-time Producer at Louis&Co, Camilla Carey works on pretty much every aspect of the production process. From strategizing to booking talent and locations, Camilla has her hands in all aspects of production.

Campaign for UberEats with Kim Kardashian, produced by Louis & Co.

Our all-new Client Spotlight Interviewes are here! With these interviews, we hope to provide valuable insight into the industry to our community. This time, we sat down with the fantastic Camilla Carey, a full-time Producer at Louis&Co, a boutique production agency in Darlinghurst, Sydney. Founded in 2010, the company represents award-winning artists worldwide. Continue reading as Camilla answers questions about the advertising industry, as she gives valuable insights on how it's done!

Tell us about Louis&Co - Where/when did the company start? Who is in the team? What do you specialise in?

Louis&Co is a boutique production agency located in Darlinghurst, Sydney. We offer small to large-scale production and coordination on advertising photo shoots, film, and digital content creation. Founded by Louis Molines in 2010, we represent award-winning& globally recognised artists. We are collaborative, creative, and solutions-focused.

Our goal is to accomplish the creative vision for our client, working towards the big picture without ever forgetting the nitty-gritty.

The team comprises founder Louis Molines and his full-time producer Camilla Carey; we also work with a group of freelance producers and other suppliers as needed.

What do you specialise in as a company?

Our globally recognised artists specialise in different forms of photography & motion. From cars, food & beverage, lifestyle, conceptual photography, interiors and many more.

Can you tell us a little bit about the jobs you use for?

We use for all sorts of jobs. Sometimes our jobs have a particular set of requirements, and offers us the opportunity to post a job that will go out to a magnitude of people that might meet the brief.

Stills campaign for UberEats with Kim Kardashian, produced by Louis & Co, photographed by Mat Baker. Source: @louisandco Instagram

Most fun/interesting shoot you've ever produced?

The most fun/interesting job has been the work we have done with UberEats shooting with TV to conceptualise 'worlds' for the celebrities for that year's campaign. Working with such big names with prominent personalities was an eye-opening experience. It was fantastic to be a part of.

Tell us about your casting process - how do you find people, and what do you look for in casting?

Usually, I have a specific brief - look, height, personality, age, race etc. that helps with my search.
First, I will go through all those who have applied and make a short list of people who meet the brief.
From there, my photographer/director will review my selects and narrow them down.
We will then get these talents in for a casting, focusing our photos on what they might be asked for in the shoot itself.
We then narrow this list down further to present the top four for each role to clients, who will then usually approve talent.

Stills campaign for Qantas with talent Elke, produced by Louis & Co, photographed by Jamie MacFayden. Source: @louisandco Instagram

Why did you select the talent you selected?

 I look for a natural look, personality in their photos, the right body shape and sometimes a bit of a blank canvas.

What were the results/outcomes?

It depends; the casting is essential to see how the talent works in front of the camera. offers us many opportunities to expand our search.

Car stills campaign produced by Louis & Co with talent booked via

Tell us about the campaigns and the shoot days.

Each campaign is different and requires different things from our talent. Usually, when working with talent, they go into hair, makeup, and wardrobe before the shoot.
We try to have a fantastic chilled atmosphere for our shoots but expect all talent to come to set on time (if not early), with a great attitude and an open mind.

What does talent need to know about working with a production company?

It is best to be upfront and answer honestly and correctly if you are suitable for a job, this will make things much easier in the long run. Quick repliers are great and very useful.
Make sure your profile is up to date and not full of old images of yourself!

Stills campaign by @chrissisarich & @yondercreative for Goodman Australia & Shanghai with talent Rakel. Source: @louisandco Instagram

Which trends will shape the industry in the upcoming years? What are clients looking for in talent?

I think an openness to body types, race and unique features will dominate the industry moving forward.
Clients are becoming more progressive, and that is showing in their talent briefs and who we end up shooting. It is all about personality!

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