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August 31, 2023

Talent Diarist #4: From Morning Meditation to Killer Outfits, Moon Shares His Morning Routine & His Secrets To The Industry

Explore the journey of Moon, a dynamic Model, Actor & Content Creator. Discover how consistency, authenticity, and passion shape his success. Join his inspiring story today!

Name: Moon (Ayomide Moon) 

Talent: Model, Actor & Content Creator

Other Occupation: Global Corporate Real Estate Manager

Location: Bondi, Sydney, NSW

How long have you been a talent on TRF: 2 & ½ Years

Meet Moon, a multi-talented individual who seamlessly transitions between the corporate world and the realm of the model, actor & creator industry. In this illuminating Talent Diarist feature, Moon shares his inspiring journey, through cultivating confidence, mastering self-care rituals, and curating an infectious energy, Moon demonstrates the power of embracing authenticity and radiance in both the corporate and creative spheres.

1. What inspired you to become a Model, Actor & Content Creator and how did you get started in the industry?

It was actually completely random; I had moved to Australia when COVID began. I was strolling through the CBD on my way to lunch when a photographer approached me. He asked if he could quickly take some photos of me, and I thought, "That sounds fun!" Fast forward to 2 weeks later my Instagram notifications were going crazy. It turns out he had quite a sizable following, and his profession involved taking photos and conducting mini interviews with people he encounters in everyday life. Apparently, mine was well received. At that time, mentally, I wasn't in the best place, so all these positive, wholesome, and empowering comments were incredibly uplifting to receive. They gave me the confidence to try something new, and here we are!

2. Can you walk us through a typical day in your life as a Model, Actor & Content Creator from start to finish? 

This might sound amusing, but in this type of industry appearance is quite literally your money-maker. So, my day kicks off with self-care. Whether it's for modeling, acting, or content creation,  starting my day with meditation always helps me get into the right mindset. I like to think of it as my pre-game mental warm-up, it makes me feel serene and capable of making sound decisions to tackle any challenge. After that, it's time for a shower then my skincare routine. There’s no shame here in admitting that I've got quite an extensive skincare regimen. I'm the type who always considers the long term and establishes habits that will benefit me down the line. I've been proactive about caring for my body and skin for a solid 10 years now. Honestly, the benefits are really starting to show, and I'm glad I invested in it. I mean, I want to age as gracefully as Pharrell and Paul Rudd - eternal youth, am I right? ;)

Next is curating my look. I've got a genuine passion for fashion and putting together killer outfits. Being a bit of a fashionista means I've curated an impressive wardrobe, which comes in handy for both jobs and auditions. Dressing well, cultivating a unique style, and being able to present it all cohesively can make the difference between landing a job or not. This process usually takes me the most time, as I enjoy feeling like I've nailed the perfect look for both myself and the occasion. I usually end up having my own little fashion show; like I always say, "Look Good, Act Good." 

3. Are you a Model, Actor & Content Creator full-time/part-time, or casually? And how do you manage your finances and what strategies have you found most effective?  

I would classify myself as a part-time model, actor and content creator which I approach with the same commitment and dedication as my full-time job. Due to the sporadic nature of our work, coupled with being alone in Australia, I rely on the safety of a constant income from my corporate job. Honestly it’s difficult to rely on my creative endeavors fully to support me because at the end of the day it’s dependent on demand. Building onto that, at the end of the day you’re selling your unique look. There are instances when people aren't scouting for that specific look, and that’s got nothing to do with you, it’s just what the job needed at that time. It’s not something to be perturbed about, but something to accept as the very nature of the creative industry. 

To navigate this industry I also try to maintain a financial safety net. I started modeling, acting, and content creation out of pure enjoyment of these pursuits as well as to boost my confidence. I never imagined they could become a great source of income, but I'm grateful that they have. I've been pursuing these interests for over 3 years now and in this time I’ve developed an intrinsic understanding of the market, recognizing when more job opportunities are likely to become available. This awareness enables me to balance my life and financial decisions within these periods expecting a higher stream of revenue. 

4. What types of brand partnerships have you worked on in the past, and how do you decide which collaborations to take on as a Model, Actor & Content Creator? 

Hermès, NSW Art Gallery, The Red Cross, Tinder, American Express, Square, 7News, Indrive and more, to name a few.

When I first started out I embraced every opportunity that came my way because I recognised the need for practise because my knowledge about the industry was limited. I’d never practiced posing, didn’t know what clothes to wear or how to stand out in castings. But you know what they say—practice makes perfect, and more than that, repetition erases fear. 

Confidence becomes a game-changer. People can pick up on how you hold yourself, the grace in your movements—it's like a signal that you've got the start factor they're after. That standout quality. As time went on, I got more confident on how to navigate the industry. Now, I align myself with brands that resonate with me, or projects that promise a great experience or cool perks (who can resist great perks, right?). Yet, at the core, I've kept fun and enjoyment alive in my creative journey. From where I stand, that's the only genuine path to radiance and longevity. And the best part? My portfolio's evolution over the years has mirrored my growth, serving as undeniable proof that I'm the right choice. It's like collecting credentials that vouch for my expertise.

5. Can you share any tips for negotiating rates with brands, and how do you determine your own value as a Model, Actor & Content Creator? 

Stay humble and embrace whatever opportunities come your way. If you don’t have a strong list of credentials it’s your job to build it. That means starting at the bottom (queue Drake), and working your way up. Once you’re more established you can start setting your own rates. Most of the time companies are willing to spend a bit more to get the perfect look. If you’ve made it this far, they’re interested! 

Also, always say what you want, but avoid being unrealistic. Maybe overestimate the rates to allow for negotiation to ensure your needs are met, while also being open to their offers. If they truly want you for the job, they’ll be open to negotiation. They’ll either ask for a price reduction within a reasonable amount or perhaps offer you some product as compensation. Free products are great especially when you're starting out and they align with your style. Some of my essential wardrobe pieces stem from past shoots. Occasionally, they hold more value than the monetary compensation itself. For these companies, providing products is often a simpler choice than providing cash.

6. How do you stay updated with industry trends and best practices as a Model, Actor & Content Creator, and what resources do you rely on for education and inspiration? 

I keep a keen eye on Instagram, TikTok, influencers, TRF, and even participate in casting director classes. We're in the digital age, and it's on these online platforms that trends often emerge. Observing closely is vital. While many trends initially blossom in the USA or UK, it's also important to monitor the currents in Sydney and Melbourne. Keep an eye out, Australia is usually a few years behind per say, so it's possible to anticipate future trends at times.

7. Have you faced any challenges or setbacks in your career as a Model, Actor & Content Creator, and how did you overcome them? 

The more unique your look, the more niche your market. That means that sometimes you land killer jobs, but other times they want someone relatable to your average person and you’re rejected. 

I’m a tattooed, pierced, alternative, British Nigerian bodybuilder, with two tone dreadlocks. It’s quite a niche hahaha! At first the rejections hurt, until I realised it wasn’t about me and I needed to lean into my look hard and market myself effectively. I set out to market myself to show that I can portray a variety of looks (this is where building a diverse portfolio really comes in handy), and that I would be an asset to any project. I dissected myself into my looks, skills, and talents. You’ve got to be really honest with yourself. From there I went about magnifying those. All of my traits are unique, so I definitely leaned into that. I looked at all the supporting things I do, that create a larger than life aura around me and sell those.

My energy is what I sell above all else, as well as leveraging my skills and my look to support that. Remember, they’re investing in you. If you’ve got a great energy, and a vibe around you that translates seamlessly through your work, it will lead to people remembering you, and subsequently to more opportunities!

8. How do you achieve work-life balance as a Model, Actor & Content Creator, even when life throws unexpected challenges your way? 

This is honestly the hardest part for me! I’m the kind of person who wants to live life to the max & create the most interesting yet fun memories. So time management is honestly key to avoiding burnout. I have to schedule ‘dates’ with myself to just do nothing and recover. 

Also mindset is key. Remember that while it might be hectic right now it won’t always be. If you’re going through a tough period, keep in mind you’ll get through it, just like you always do. Change is a constant in life. No matter what you do, life is always going to keep throwing challenges at you. They might come in different forms but in reality it’s always the same stuff; and keeping a calm attitude about this reality will help. While you can't control the external stuff, you CAN control how much you let it affect you. WE get to assign the weight of circumstances in our mind. Remember there are no intrinsically good or bad things; so if these challenges never stop, cause that’s life, then just adopt a more relaxed attitude. I mean, you’re going to have to do it either way right? So why add your own mental stress on top of it. When you can look at life's challenges with a calm mind, you’ll find you can handle them easier, or better yet look at it as just another episode in your life’s show. 

9. What advice would you give to aspiring Model, Actor & Content Creator who are starting out and looking to build a successful career in the industry? 

Be open to everything. Take on every job. Make friends wherever you go.

Collect contact details, many jobs come by referral. Build your online presence. Market yourself well. Be proactive and check websites daily for jobs. Build an impressive portfolio. Record every job you do to build up your CV. Everything looks more impressive on paper. 

10. How do you see the Model, Actor & Content Creator industry evolving in the next 5-10 years, and what changes do you anticipate? 

Online marketing is rapidly gaining momentum, and those with strong online profiles will be the real winners. Normality is out, and unique is in! In my view the next big thing will be those who understand how to market a diverse range of unique concepts. We’re sick of seeing the same predictable posed and perfectly curated feeds. People are yearning for authenticity and unconventional, captivating content that breaks the mold. Embrace this demand and become the embodiment of delivering these very things to your audience.

11. Can you share any upcoming projects or partnerships that you're excited about, and how do you plan to continue growing your brand as a Model, Actor & Content Creator? 

I just wrapped up a shoot for Anytime Fitness's new national adverts and photo campaign. It was so much fun considering I have such a passion for fitness myself. Moving forward, my aim is to dive more into content creation. Without realising it I've built a pretty interesting life and skillset, and I'm excited to share more of that with the world! As mentioned earlier I try to embed my infectious energy into everything I do, and will continue to lead with this no matter what.

Moon’s journey from corporate professional to multi-talented creative is a testament to the transformative power of confidence, authenticity, and resilience. Through his compelling narrative, Moon inspires us to embrace our uniqueness, curate our energy, and create a path that seamlessly combines our passions with our professional pursuits. 

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