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July 24, 2023

Talent Diarist 3: Model & Med-Student Luke shares thoughts on AI, Time Management & Game-Changing Client Negotiation Skills

For this week’s Talent Diarist Luke, the rising star of the modeling and content creation realm, unveils the remarkable story behind his journey as a TRF model/creator and full-time medical student. With years of experience and an undeniable passion, Luke shares the inspiration that led him to venture into the industry, along with the challenges he faced while balancing his creative pursuits with his demanding academic path. As the interview unfolds, he takes us on a captivating journey, from breathtaking photo shoots to glamorous launch events, shedding light on the thrilling and unpredictable yet exciting lifestyle he has come to embrace.

Name: Luke A J (@never.lukewarm)

Occupation: Personal Trainer, Content Creator, Freelance Model, Full Time Med Student and I also run 2 community groups; a running optional run club (@the_440_cottesloe) & a mid-week Wednesday dip group (@cold_nips)

Location: Perth, Western Australia (tho currently traveling USA for 2 months)

How long have you been a talent on TRF: 1 year & counting!

1. What inspired you to become a model/content creator and how did you get started in the industry?

It's a mixture of things, from taking on the challenge to be more comfortable in front of the camera, to being an individual that loves new experiences and the ability to express myself more creatively (something I may not necessarily get to do as a Science Major).

2. Can you walk us through a typical day in your life as a model/content creator from start to finish?

My days are highly variable, but often start early in the morning. It could be a cheeky Wednesday dip in the lush Western Australia Ocean (all year round) or a run with my run club. If not, I'd be with 5 am Personal Training clients, getting them on that morning hustle. My days are interspersed with a wild mixture of Med School lectures/tutorials/study, editing and prepping content for any brands I'm working with, occasional shoots, and attending cool launch events. And in and amongst it all, I try to get my own gym time in, do a bit of meal prep, and catch up with the people who are most dear to me.

3. Are you a model/content creator full-time/part-time, or casually? And how do you manage your finances and what strategies have you found most effective? 

Part-time/casually - it's fascinating when you get paid gig by gig as the wage isn't fixed, and sometimes you have highs and lows. I'm grateful that I've had a lot of opportunities both on The Right Fit and outside of the platform. Perth is really small, and our industry is even smaller, hence word spreads. If you're professional, bring good vibes and hustle, it will always pay forward. In terms of managing my finances I have a savings account set up with automatic weekly withdrawals from my primary account; doing this helps keep me accountable in managing my finances. Another thing I also like to do is treat my savings account like a video game - not only does it challenge myself in trying to get a ‘higher score’, when I check it regularly it motivates me to continue saving!

4. What types of brand partnerships have you worked on in the past, and how do you decide which collaborations to take on as a model/content creator?

Being in the health and fitness space, I've mainly focused on work in this area. However to be honest, I've had a wide range of collaborations outside this space, especially earlier in my career when I may not have had as much freedom in terms of pay or type of brand I work with. As I grow in my role and awareness in the industry, I do have to take into consideration what partnerships might devalue my personal brand (now as a content creator, but also in the future as a medical practitioner). I recently had a "natural health supplement" company approach me, and I asked them a whole bunch of questions beyond the information they sent me, like where the item is sourced and produced, what is the individual quantity of each element in the product, etc. I specified that it wasn't to be a pain to work with, but if I don't ask these questions now, someone else will in the future, and I'd rather they be prepared in the early stages rather than when they are too far out.

5. Can you share any tips for negotiating rates with brands, and how do you determine your own value as a model/content creator?

Find out the industry rate, see where you are in terms of your abilities, and charge appropriately. Don't undervalue yourself just to get work; stand by your value, and if it's meant to be, they will come around.

6. How do you stay updated with industry trends and best practices as a model/content creator, and what resources do you rely on for education and inspiration?

Being on the platforms you utilize, being active on there, and interacting genuinely in your actions, and being curious goes a long way.

7. Have you faced any challenges or setbacks in your career as a model/content creator, and how did you overcome them?

There have been times when I've been rejected because I didn't meet the criteria, or sometimes I didn't even know the reason. All you can do is trust the process, keep going, critically analyze your experiences, and see how you can improve for the next opportunity.

8. How do you achieve work-life balance as a model/content creator, even when life throws unexpected challenges your way?

I rely on my calendar and to-do list. The less I have to think about organizing my life, the more I can focus on excelling at the task at hand. By setting priorities and having a clear view of what needs to be done, I can shift tasks around if unexpected challenges arise.

9. What advice would you give to aspiring models & content creators who are starting out and looking to build a successful career in the industry?

Start somewhere, even if it doesn't feel perfect. As you progress, you grow, learn, and better yourself. Also, be curious to learn and be kind.

10. How do you see the model/content creator industry evolving in the next 5-10 years, and what changes do you anticipate?

It will be fascinating to see how the industry evolves with AI and other generative services. There has also been a shift towards more relatable content. However, it's really anyone's guess, so let's see what the future holds.

11. Can you share any upcoming projects or partnerships that you're excited about, and how do you plan to continue growing your brand as a model/content creator?

Currently, I'm traveling in America for 2 months, enjoying the simplicity and creating content just for myself and my creative expression. It's nice, but I've also been working on some projects along the way. I have a couple of projects in the pipeline that I'm looking forward to when I'm back home. However, I'll keep them under wraps because who doesn't love a good surprise, right?

Luke's life story is a testament to the remarkable art of balancing passions and priorities. As a full-time medical student and a blossoming model/content creator, his journey resonates with determination and creative flair. Book Luke through theright.fit today by clicking the image below!

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