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December 13, 2022

Model Campaign: Soi(e) Lingerie

The Breakdown:

BUDGET: $400/day, Half day shoot



Soi(e) Lingerie is all about inclusivity. They want to make sure they are the go-to brand that all women of shapes and sizes can run to for their bra essentials. Using the latest technology they create bras that fit all women and even the motto they live by is “You don't need to fit in. Our underwear will fit you.” this shows exactly how passionate they are about making sure no woman is left behind.

They wanted a diverse casting of women to show off just how versatile their bras are. Soi(e) Lingerie went to looking for Asian, Aboriginal, and fuller-bust models in their 20s-30s. After posting the job listing they were happy to see the number of applications they got and how easy it was to cast them even though they required a specific body type and ethnicity.

Here is a selection of the photos from the shoot:

Women in their Soi(e) Lingerie
Women in their Soi(e) Lingerie
1 women in her Soi(e) Lingerie
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Here are the talent booked for the photoshoot:

Model Booked for Soi(e) Lingerie Campaign
Model Booked for Soi(e) Lingerie Campaign
Model Booked for Soi(e) Lingerie Campaign
Model Booked for Soi(e) Lingerie Campaign

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