How Do Usage and Contracts Work?


Confused by usage and contracts? We get it. No one enjoys legal T’s and C’s. That’s why takes care of licensing and usage agreements on every single job you post.

When shooting your campaign, you want to be sure you have the right contracts in place to cover image licensing. But knowing how to navigate the legal side of usage and contracts can feel overwhelming. So we’ve made it quick, easy, and affordable.

It’s easy to skip the convoluted (and expensive) legal fees that come with image licensing because usage agreements are built into every job booking you make on

How does handle usage and contracts?

When you post a job on, you’ll be prompted to list a number of details related to your upcoming project. These include:

  • Job dates and times
  • Job rates and fees
  • Image usage rights

Once you find the perfect talent and press ‘book, automatically creates a legally binding booking agreement contract. This booking agreement covers you for the usage details of the booking (e.g. 12 months usage of the images/video on social media, online, and print in Australia & NZ).

That means no need to stress over image purpose, territories, and timescale - all of the legal considerations are taken care of.

What to do if you have additional paperwork or contracts

If you’ve got additional paperwork or contracts you require your talent to sign, you can send them directly via’s secure, built-in chat feature.

Explain what your additional paperwork relates to so your talent are on the same page and feel comfortable signing on the dotted line and sending back to you. Once additional paperwork is signed, they’re included in the booking agreement between the two parties, conveniently covered by contract.

Need a refresher on invoicing? Click here to learn how payments and invoices work on

What happens after your agreed usage period ends?

Looking to continue using content at the end of the agreed usage period? No problem.

You can ‘roll over’ usage and purchase additional rights to use the images/videos. Click the ‘Additional Payment’ button on your job to update your usage rights and process additional talent fees for the increased usage of the campaign.

It’s easier than ever to create content and be legally protected using and taking care of contracts and usage is really that simple.

Congratulations! You’re free from the stress of usage and contracts when it comes to your next job.

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