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How to Rebook Talent You’ve Previously Worked With

How to Rebook Talent You’ve Previously Worked With

We love it when great talent and great clients make magic together. We also believe lightning can strike twice, and that’s why we make it easy to rebook talent for your second, third, or twenty-sixth campaign.

At, we believe in fostering relationships between you and the talent you love. That’s why we make it easy for you to find the talent you’ve previously booked and work with them again on future campaigns.

There are two (2) simple ways you can re-engage a talent you’ve previously booked on a job:

  • Rebook for the same campaign
  • Rebook on a new campaign

Here’s how to stay in touch with the talent you love and keep making magic together.

Option One: Rebook talent for the same campaign

If you’re looking to continue working together on the same campaign, for example, another shoot date, or an Influencer post for the same campaign, there’s no need to post another job. Simply press ‘Book’ and enter the new agreed date and rate with the talent.

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Option Two: Rebook for a new campaign

If you’re looking to work together on a new campaign, you can visit the talent’s page and use the ‘Enquire’ button to send a direct booking request. This private request will only be visible to the talent you contact and creates a private job specifically for that talent. Your preferred talent can then reply with any questions before (hopefully) confirming, and booking in on your new brief.

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What’s covered in your booking?

Whether you’re booking talent for the first time or enjoying an ongoing creative collaboration, each booking made through covers you for:

  • Legal contracts related to the booking
  • $20 million public liability and personal property damage
  • Secure escrow payments (only released when the job is successfully completed)

Need a refresher on invoicing? Click here to learn how payments and invoices work on tip: Don’t want to lose track of your favourite talent? The next time you work with awesome talent, save them in your ‘Favourites’ tab using the heart icon on their profile. This is a quick way to stay connected with your favourite Actors, Models, Influencers, and Content Creators.

Congratulations! You’ll never lose track of your favourite talent again.

Looking for talent to work with for your next campaign? Click here to browse talent now

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