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How to find The Best TikTok Influencers [5 Proven Strategies For Your Brand]

How to find The Best TikTok Influencers [5 Proven Strategies For Your Brand]

Did you know 9 out of 10 TikTok users open the app multiple times a day? With a loyal audience regularly turning to TikTok, the value, reach and persuasive power of a TikTok influencer is obvious – but they’re not always easy to find. You *could* spend your weekends sending DM’s. Falling down TikTok hashtag rabbit holes. Or scouring the internet for clues about the next “big thing” on the booming platform that is TikTok (656 million downloads in 2021).

Or, you could use proven strategies that will help you slash wasted time so you can focus on running your business and growing your brand. Here’s how you find Australia’s best TikTok influencers.

Hold on, what is a TikTok influencer?

A TikTok influencer is the same as an Instagram influencer or YouTube influencer… except they’re on TikTok.

We’re living in the influencer age. More than a buzzword, influencers drive purchasing behaviour with 49% admitting they rely on influencers for recommendations. With 1 billion active monthly users spending 850 minutes every month on the app, TikTok is a platform packed full of social media thought leaders with seriously loud voices and seriously impressive reach.

Case in point, TikTok influencers have a higher engagement rate than influencers on Instagram and YouTube… combined. If numbers are your thing, micro-influencers on TikTok boast a staggering 18% engagement rate (compared to just 3.86% for similar sized influencers on Instagram and 1.63% for YouTube).

There’s no way around it. Influencer marketing is BOOMING right now. So it’s no wonder savvy brands and jumping on the influencer bandwagon.

But we’re not here to talk about other brands. Let’s put your brand on the map with the following 5 proven strategies for finding and partnering with TikTok influencers.

Female and male TikTok influencers

Strategy #1 –  See if your current influencers have TikTok accounts

Already using influencer marketing? You can save time by seeing if your current influencers already have audiences on TikTok.

Long gone are the days when content creators existed on one or two social media platforms alone. It’s common for influencers to have thousands of followers on Instagram with a YouTube channel, Twitter following, and Facebook audience too.

Before you launch into a new search for TiKTok influencers, check if your current or previous influencer on Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, or Twitter may have personal brands that exist on TikTok.

As an added bonus, any existing TikTok audience is likely to be interested in the same (or similar) topics, so you’ll be able to tap into a new audience that’s interested in your brand without the hassle of wondering “is this partnership a good fit for me?”.

Don’t have any influencer partnerships to fall back on? Read on for tips to help you get started with TikTok marketing without experience.

Strategy #2 – Check out your competition for TikTok influencers

You can’t run an influencer campaign in a silo so keep your friends close and your competitors closer.

Make a list of your competition and have a sneak peek at their TikTok presence. Checking your competition for TikTok influencers has a couple of huge advantages. Firstly, you can see what’s worked for them to help craft your own influencer marketing strategy. Secondly, if an influencer has worked with a competitor or a brand in a related industry, then you can feel confident their audience is a good fit for you.

For example, if you work in the skincare industry and notice your competition has been working with TikTok skinfluencers, you might consider reaching out to them too. This is another easy way to qualify influencers and find talent aligned with your niche.

Strategy #3 – Find TikTok influencers with relevant hashtags

TikTok’s Discover Page is a goldmine for finding relevant influencers.

Navigate to the Discover Page and type your terms into the search bar (this is similar to Instagram’s Explore Page). This will show you results for trending videos, creators, and hashtags.

Start by checking out hashtags related to your industry to narrow your influencer search. By using specific industry hashtags, you’ll be able to narrow down your search and identify candidates for a TikTok influencer partnership.

For example, if you sell moisturising cream, you might start by searching for #skincare. Or, dive deeper and get more specific with your hashtags. A search for #moisturisingtips might reveal niche creators able to show the value of your product to a highly targeted demographic.

This strategy helps you find influencers in your niche – but more importantly, an audience in your niche. If an influencer is already using hashtags relating to your products or services, there’s a good chance their audience is interested in those topics. This makes them perfect candidates to work with because they offer a direct line to your ideal customers.

Find relevant hashtags for TikTok influencers

Strategy #4 – Find TikTok influencers by location

As we mentioned, TikTok organises content via hashtags, much like Instagram. We’ve covered the importance of searching for relevant industry hashtags, but you can also search using location-specific hashtags to find influencers posting in the markets you’re interested in.

For example, #australia, #usa or #uk.

TikTok is a global platform available in 150+ countries, but unless you’ve got a global eCommerce brand, you’ll want to put yourself in front of a local audience. On paper, it’s great to find an influential TikTok personality but if you run a restaurant in Sydney then an influencer in New York isn’t going to help.

Strategy #5 – Use to browse leading TikTok influencers

Why work harder when you can work smarter?

It is possible to manually search for and contact TikTok influencers, but you’ll be spending your free time sending DMs and wondering which influencers are legit when you could be reaping the rewards of an influencer marketing campaign.

Using platform, you can search for Australia’s top TikTok influencers at the click of a button, compare analytics, chat with potential influencers, and hire your favourites with all paperwork and legal stuff covered.

Winner winner chicken dinner.

TikTok influencers join the platform looking for brands to partner with, so you’re only seeing vetted creators. And with the ability to filter by industry, follower count, or location, it’s easy to find the talent that best suits your brand.

Found your favourite influencer but not sure how to squeeze the most value from a campaign?

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To browse leading TikTok influencers

BONUS TIP: Analyse an influencer’s audience

You won’t be able to look at an influencer’s analytics (unless you’re using a platform like with influencer analytics available) which means you’ll need other ways to assess whether your chosen influencers are a good match.

Having a huge following looks great on paper, but you’ll need to dive a little deeper to make sure that the audience is ticking a few important boxes. Here are a few questions to ask of your TikTok influencer once you’ve found them

  • Does their audience match your demographic? Evaluate their audience by age, location, and gender. These are crucial characteristics that can make or break an influencer marketing campaign. If you’re looking to promote an alcohol brand, you won’t find value with an influencer that has a predominantly teenage following.
  • Do they post about similar products and services? An influencer with a history of working with related brands can bring credibility to the eyes of their audience because their followers are expecting to see product reviews and endorsements.
  • Does their audience engage with branded content? The best TikTok influencers bring loyal audiences that like, comment and share branded content. If you’re going to forge a partnership, you want to know you’ll be seeing authentic engagement.

New to TikTok marketing?

Many brands associate a new marketing strategy with being time-consuming, expensive, and stressful – and this means they miss out on the huge advantages on offer.

Getting started with your own TikTok influencer marketing campaign doesn’t have to be a challenge. In fact, with you can compare the best TikTok influencers in Australia (and around the world), dive into analytics so you’re not risking your marketing spend, and book influencers to help generate exposure, interest, and revenue.

We’re passionate about making influencer marketing accessible for everyone (without the extra costs and headaches of agency middlemen). So if you’re ready to tap into the power of TikTok marketing, start browsing thousands of influencers today.

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