How to Determine Rates for Models and Actors

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You wouldn’t shop at the supermarket if there were no prices, and we wouldn’t expect you to choose talent on without knowing their rates. To make your life easier, here are two ways to determine rates for your favourite Models and Actors.

Like any industry, talents have different rates or fees for their work.

The minimum rate for a Model or Actor is $95/hr, but you’ll find a wide range of rates on These rates depend on the experience and skill of the talent, and the particular job you’re looking to hire them for. As a rule of thumb, the higher the rate you offer, the more experience, higher follower count (for Influencer jobs), and more applicants you’ll receive.

We’re all about transparency and making it easy to find the right person for your job, so we’ve also made it easy to determine talent rates in a few simple clicks.

Option #1 - View rates on the talent’s profile

Visit your preferred Actor or Model’s profile to view their guide rates for each of their skill areas. This can include rates for their Instagram posts, work as an Actor or Model, or photography fees. Transparent rates help you set a budget for your campaign and know who’s likely to put their name forward for your job.

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Option #2 - Select ‘Open to Negotiation’

You can click ‘This Project is Open to Negotiation’ if you’d prefer to receive a range of quotes for your job. This option helps you find the right person for your upcoming project, even if they were originally out of your preferred budget.

Unsure what rate is right for your job? We’ve written a handy guide to help you find the right talent at the right price.

Click here to read our official industry rates guide [2022 Edition]

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We’ve simplified usage fees to help you save money

If you were booking a Model or Actor through an agency or manager, you’d be paying industry-standard rates between $150 to $300 per hour (plus a 15% agency fee). On top of these costs, you’d also pay ‘usage’ loading depending on where you planned to use your content (TV, billboards, print magazines, etc).

But we think that’s more time-consuming and expensive than it needs to be! That’s why, on, you set your rate ‘per hour’ or ‘per day’. And the rate you list is inclusive of all usage fees. Simple, right? tip: Consider where you need to use images when posting your job and setting your budget. Jobs with more exposure (like billboards or TVCs) are typically higher-paid jobs than online usage only.

Ready to get started? Simply post your job and let talent pitch their experience and rates to you. That’s how easy it is to find the right fit. Congratulations! You’re ready to view talent rates for your next job with a few clicks.Click here to post a job now

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