How Payments & Invoicing Work

How Payments & Invoicing Work

Less messy paperwork, more automated invoicing. That’s how handles admin so you can fully focus on your next shoot, campaign, or job. Read on for a breakdown of how payments and invoicing work on

No one enjoys paperwork.

And on, you don’t have to.

It’s easy to find and book talent, but even easier to manage payments with our fast and hassle-free payment and invoicing system. Using an automatic payment system, both you and your talent are protected, with all administrative tasks handled automatically. Here’s how it works.

Understanding your booking timeline

When you book talent using marketplace, you’ll enter the agreed date of the shoot (or if you’re using Influencer content, the date content will go live) as well as the rate you and the talent have agreed to. You’ll also be prompted to enter your credit card details at this stage, but you won’t be charged yet. Once you’ve completed this step, here’s what to expect.

72 hours BEFORE your shoot/campaign/go live date

With 72 hours until lift-off, your funds will be held in escrow. Just like Airbnb, Airtasker, Upwork, or Freelancer, escrow payments provide peace of mind for you and your talent until the job is complete. This allows talent to focus on your project knowing payments will be taken care of. And gives you peace of mind knowing you won’t pay for any work until it’s completed.

48 hours AFTER the job is completed

48 hours after the job is completed, funds will automatically be released to the talent with an automated message to let them know they’ve been paid. You’ll receive an invoice, sent to your email, with a PDF copy available to download from the ‘Invoices’ tab of your account.

Need a refresher on usage? Click here to learn how usage and contracts work on

Your invoice will include:

  • Job details
  • Talent’s name
  • The total amount remitted provides all the information you need, with none of the hassle or paperwork. That’s how we’re streamlining the process of booking talent so you can start on your next exciting project, or get back to growing your business.

Congratulations! You’re ready to post a job and save hours with our simple, automated payment system.

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