January 24, 2023

How Online Talent Platforms benefit talent and brands

Are you intrigued by the possibilities of online talent platforms? Want to know how they could benefit both brands and talent in 2023? Whether you are a brand representative or a talent, this blog post is for you! Learn about these platforms' advantages, and explore how they will help both parties come out on top. We also reveal the best online talent platform in Australia and New Zealand at the end of this article. So, stick around.

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Overview of Online Talent Platforms

Online Talent Platforms are digital marketplaces that provide brands and talent with an easy way to connect. They offer a range of services, such as:

• Easy-to-use search functions that allow brands to find the right talent

• Hasslefree way to make the hiring process faster and more efficient

• Candidate portfolios that display skills, experience, and other relevant information

• Reviews and rating systems so brands can get a better understanding of the talent they are considering

• Targeted promotional campaigns that make it easier to reach the right candidate

By using Online Talent Platforms, brands can streamline their recruitment process and make it easier to find the right talent. These platforms can also help them save money by reducing their spending on recruitment agencies or third-party services. With all of these benefits, it is easy to see why Online Talent Platforms are becoming increasingly popular in 2023.

Let’s explore the benefits of online talent platforms and how they bring value to brands and talent:

Benefits of Online Talent Platforms

Easy and Free Access

Most Online talent platforms offer free and easy access to both brands and talent, making it convenient for both parties to connect and explore opportunities for collaboration.

For brands, this can include access to a wide range of talent profiles, portfolios, tools, and resources for searching and contacting talent. Many online talent platforms also offer promotional and advertising options for brands to reach a larger audience and showcase their products or services.

For talent, online platforms often provide access to job and project listings, tools, and resources for showcasing their skills and portfolio. Many platforms offer networking and professional development resources to help talent build careers and connect with potential clients or employers.

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No Middle Man - Connect Directly

Online talent platforms have revolutionised the way brands find and hire talent. Here are some ways how they are helping brands bypass the middleman:

  • Online platforms allow brands to source talent easily and streamline recruitment, saving time and money.
  • By connecting directly with talent through online platforms, brands can quickly and easily find the best-suited candidates for their needs.
  • Through direct connection with experienced talent, brands can gain valuable insight into candidates' skills, performance, and goals, helping them make informed hiring decisions.
  • Online platforms facilitate efficient and effective communication and collaboration between brands and talent, helping to build successful working relationships.

Online talent platforms are also helping talent connect brands without using an agent. 

  • Talent can save on the costs of using intermediaries such as recruitment agencies or job search websites. 
  • They can have more control over the terms of their work, including pay, schedules, and other conditions.
  • Talent can build relationships directly with the brands, leading to more work and opportunities in the future.
  • Save time and effort by being able to easily browse and apply for job opportunities that match their skills and experience.
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Increased Exposure 

Both brands and talent can get better exposure with their portfolios on these online platforms. Brands can showcase their products or services and attract the attention of potential talent they want to work with, and talent can showcase their skills and portfolio to gain the attention of the brands they want to collaborate with. 

Easy Communication

Online talent platforms help talent and brands communicate and collaborate in many ways. They provide a centralised hub for communication where talent and brands can exchange messages, share documents and files, and discuss project details. This can make it easier for talent and brands to stay organised and keep track of their interactions, as everything is stored in one place.

Streamlined Process

Both brands and talent can benefit tremendously from the streamlined process of finding and hiring the right fit for each other on these platforms. Brands can easily review employee information and track performance, skills, and other important details about potential hires. Talent can create an online profile to showcase their skills and stand out to potential employers. 

The flexibility of Online Platforms

For talent, online talent platforms allow them to search for and apply for job opportunities that match their skills and experience and to do so from anywhere with an internet connection. This can be especially beneficial for talent who may need help to relocate physically for a job or who prefer to work remotely.

For brands, online talent platforms offer the flexibility to search for and hire talent from a wide range of locations rather than being limited to candidates in a specific geographic area. This can be especially useful for brands that need to fill a specific position quickly or are looking for specialised skills that may be harder to find locally.

Cost Savings

Online talent platforms can help brands save costs in several ways:

  • Reducing hiring costs: Brands can find the right people without going through the traditional hiring processes such as posting jobs, resume reviews and in-person job interviews.
  • Reducing labour costs: By hiring talent on a contract basis, brands can avoid traditional labour costs and other overhead costs.
  • Increased productivity: Online talent platforms help brands find the right match for their project needs increasing productivity and productivity.
  • Reduce training costs: By hiring people with the specific skills and expertise needed for a project, brands can reduce the cost of training new employees.

Online talent platforms can help talent save costs in several ways:

  • Online talent platforms can help talent save on the costs of physically travelling to meet with potential employers or attend job interviews.
  • For talent, online platforms can provide access to a broader range of job opportunities, potentially leading to higher pay and better working conditions.
  • By streamlining the job search and application process, online talent platforms can help talent save time and effort in finding the right job or project.
  • By connecting talent with potential clients or employers directly, online talent platforms can help talent save on the costs of using traditional job search methods, such as paying for job search websites or recruitment agencies.
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Rating and review system for both parties

Online talent platforms enable brands and talent to improve ratings and reviews quickly. They encourage cooperation for the benefit of both parties. Brands can use the rating system to assess the quality of the talent for a particular project. Talent can use it to assess an employer's reputation before applying.

Online talent platforms also allow both parties to evaluate each other after a project is completed, providing valuable insight into how well they worked together.

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Convenient Booking and Secure Payment

Online platforms help brands book with a click of a button and get their jobs done on time within their budget. The platforms themselves handle complex contracts and all paperwork. Talents are also protected by public liability insurance and property damage insurance while working on the project.

Online talent platforms provide convenient booking and secure payment options for talent and brands. Usually, the platforms hold the talents' pay at the start of the job and release it to them only when the job is satisfactorily completed.

Why is the best online talent platform

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