Models: Edible Beauty

Models: Edible Beauty

Edible Beauty Australia

As consumers become more vocal with their feedback on advertising campaigns, the message they are presenting to brands is clear – diverse and inclusive content is something that brands should be striving for in this day and age. Edible Beauty Australia provided an incredible example of true beauty via their latest campaign using talent from

Edible Beauty Australia recently came to in search of some influencers to work with. Their briefs included two pregnant models, a female model aged 50+ and female models aged 25-35 years old.

They also wanted the models to have a social following, and be able to amplify the campaign by sharing behind the scenes content at the shoot day, as well as releasing the final images to their followers to announce their involvement with the brand.

In one of their many posts featuring talent booked through platform, they stated how “Unique is beautiful!” And aren’t they right!

Edible Beauty Australia sourced all talent for the campaign via the platform, specifically looking for models who were comfortable in their own skin and could bring a unique voice to the brands marketing message when speaking to their own followers.

Executing the campaign with a budget under $10k, the brand created gorgeous content, with images to be used online indefinitely; on both their own social channels & the influencers, the website and an Edible Beauty E-book.

A great example of a brand integrating influencers with a real and authentic story to tell to their audience as part of a broader campaign.

If your brand is looking for talent, we have the perfect person for you. Visit to find them today.

Talent booked through

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