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Gamification: Your guide to a 100% profile

Gamification: Your guide to a 100% profile

So your profile says it's only 67% complete.. or worse, even less! What do you do now? We all know 100% complete profiles are the ones that land the gigs. Here's the sections you need to ensure you're completing to get that profile looking like a 10 out of 10!

Has uploaded profile picture

This is your star shot. Make sure it's your best photo, so if you're a model/actor/influencer/presenter/ make it a headshot. If you're a dancer make sure it shows off your dancing skills. For photographers/videographers/hairstylists/makeup artists make sure it showcases your BEST work. Remember this is the first thing clients see when going through talent profiles and applications so make sure it stands out!

Has completed basic details

These are your details that you submit upon application such as date of birth, email, phone number, full name.

Has chosen at least 1 profession

Examples of this are whether you are a model, actor, photographer etc. Make sure you choose the top 3 professions that relate to you.

Has added their attributes (if applicable)

This is crucial for a lot of modelling and acting jobs where clients need to know your measurements. These attributes can also include hair colour, eye colour, body type and so on. In order to be booked on both acting and modelling jobs you will need to ensure all your measurements and attributes are up to date.

Has connected social media accounts

Having your social accounts connected will be super beneficial for when clients are reviewing your application. If you are an influencer it will let clients view the type of content you produce. Make sure you connect any relevant profiles like your Youtube, Tiktok and Instagram.

Has minimum 5 photos uploaded

If you are on the free talent package 5 photos is also the maximum amount photos you can upload. However, when first completing your profile all talent will only be able to upload 5 photos so make sure these are your best ones!If you have less than 5 photos it will hinder your ability to get your profile approved as well as book jobs as versatility is a key attribute that clients look for when booking talent.

Has added at least 1 audio or video

Whatever profession you have chosen, either an audio or video file on your profile will benefit you in booking jobs. Actors are required to have at least one showreel uploaded for clients to view. If you have ever appeared in any TV campaigns, shows, movies, or online content this is where you would put the clips!

Has connected their bank account

The is probably the most important step of all, as this is what allows you to be paid from all the amazing jobs you will be booked on! You can update these details at anytime but they will need to be added prior to you completing your first job.

Has at least 150 words in their bio

We can't express just how important it is to have an appealing bio. Along with your profile picture, your bio is the section that is viewed most by clients so make sure it is eye catching and describes you and your experience in this industry as succinctly as possible.

Has uploaded 10 or more photos

Having more than 10 photos will give the client a broader understanding of your abilities as a talent. We always recommend having your best photos at the top of your profile, clients will skim your profile but will focus on all the eye-catching images, so think bright colours!

Has at least 8 reviews

Everyone loves a good review, and clients love reading good reviews. Statistically speaking, clients are 80% more likely to book a talent that has a reviews over a talent that doesn't. Reviews allow people to get a gage on what you're like to work with and how you perform so make sure you uphold an outstanding level of professionalism from the second you're booked to the second the review is left.

Has set their rates

Showcasing your rates on your profile means clients can easily see what rates they need to set their jobs at, and what funds they need available to work with professional talent like you.

Has completed 10+ Paid Jobs

Clients want to know that you're experienced! Along with reviews, the amount of jobs you've completed allows clients to see that you've successfully booked and then worked on similar jobs.

Don't forget, you can still apply for jobs if your profile isn't at 100%. This is just to be used as a guideline to ensure you have everything clients might need when reviewing talent!

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