From local brand to international behemoth with 986K followers - Doyoueven shares their story

From local brand to international behemoth with 986K followers - Doyoueven shares their story

Tell us about the brand and how it got started?

Do you even started small, originally a print to order brand, which allowed us to focus on marketing and building our brand identity; quickly learning and understanding our consumer better. Within 12 months we saw huge growth & success and had enough capital to turn private label and we've never looked back. As soon as we started releasing our own designs, in bold, bright colours and tailoring the experience of shopping with Doyoueven we grew exponentially and haven’t slowed down. Over the past 8 years, we’ve developed a style that is globally recognised as distinctly DYE.

Does the brand have a muse? Or what inspires you to create each new collection, design or colour palette?

Not really a specific muse, each collection aims to reflect Doyoueven and the bold nature of the brand. Our customer is a confident one and doesn’t shy away from standing out in the crowd. We see a lot of brands in a very saturated activewear market play it safe and blend in, we strive to stand out.

With our womenswear, we base every design around three core principles 1. Flattering 2. Comfortable and 3. Functional. From there the colour palettes are chosen from what’s trending globally, being a worldwide e-commerce brand we aren’t restricted by traditional seasonal drops. Our lead women's designer also chooses colours that resonate with different personalities and skin tones. Colour is so expressive for women, and the pops of colours Doyoueven offers we hope to inspire that little bit of extra confidence and motivation.

Which models/Influencer did you select, and why?

There were so many applicants to choose from for our job listing, it was great to see the diverse talent that had to offer! We ended up selecting Alice Balance and Jasmine Hanley for our Stretch-Lite Campaign, a new product for us! The Stretch-Lite sets were designed to showcase freedom of movement and flexibility through any workout, and both Jasmine and Alice had extensive experience in the Health and Fitness Industry and were the perfect fit for the DYE aesthetic.

Tell us about the shoot day!

The shoot day was incredibly relaxed, we always look to have a fun vibe on set. Whenever we launch a product we always shoot both still and video campaigns, so the girls were required to move and get a sweat going for real, and they both really brought their A-game. Alice and Jasmine were great in collaborating creatively and making suggestions that played to their fitness strengths to make sure the content captured really shone organically.

As a brand, you have a HUGE following on social. Tell us about how you built this?

We’ve built an amazing following over the past 8 years (over 986k on Instagram!!), and a lot of it comes down to being omni-present, building a strong community, influencer marketing and adapting to change. Social media is ever-changing and what works one day won’t the next. You need to constantly be on top of your game, and as every platform grows and becomes more saturated you need a strong strategy & killer content to ensure you stand out from the noise….  We’re still constantly learning from our social platforms!

Do you work with influencers, and why?

ABSOLUTELY! We work with a large number of influencers, from guerilla marketing new products to events and photoshoots, to having dedicated sponsored Doyoueven Athletes. Utilising influencers from micro to macro and even digital celebrity size is so valuable to any brand (and any social media strategy for businesses). The personal, authentic reach that an influencer has worked alongside and sometimes even better than traditional marketing avenues in spreading brand awareness, creating brand affinity, converting sales and much, much more.

What's next for do you even?
We have some seriously exciting plans set for 2020, from a US Expansion set for this month, the Arnold Sports Festival in March, as well as some of our most exciting, anticipated designs, are due for release this year. Every year is getting bigger and better with us!

If people want to connect, where can they get in touch?

Find us at:

Booked Talents:

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