Contra Collaboration: Sofitel Hotels

Contra Collaboration: Sofitel Hotels

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Accor posted a job on looking for influencers who would help them roll out a new look and feel for their luxury hotel brand, Sofitel.

“To Live the French Way is to allow oneself to be liberated and enjoy the unexpected. Elegant, chic, spontaneous and carefree with an unmistakable touch of joie de vivre and désinvolture” –  this is how @sofitel describes the natural French way of living. #LiveTheFrenchWay #SofitelWorld

Accor invited influencers and their partners to ‘Live the French way’ with a hosted stay at Sofitel, indulge in a delectable and of course truly French dinner with other select top-tier influencers and to be the very first to try Sofitel’s new cocktail. Influencers were lucky enough to visit 6 hotels, in 6 different locations around Australia over 7 days, shooting content for an epic video, as well as content for their own Instagram. From the influencers posting on their own Instagram alone, Sofitel reached a combined audience of over 3,200,000 people. Amazing! Find the best Influencer Campaign and influencer marketing campaign Tough Mudder on The Right Fit.

“We’re extremely pleasure to see the results of our Live The French Way Sofitel Influencer campaign, to which we owe a lot of our success to The Right Fit. The Right Fit allowed us to expand on Accor’s already strong influencer strategy, to reach greater audiences, work with new and innovative influencers and as a result, better strengthen Sofitel’s new #LiveTheFrenchWay brand messaging. The right fit helped us to show over 3.2 million people every day, how to #LiveTheFrenchWay, through incredible content that really highlighted the beauty and unrivaled luxury of our Sofitel properties, and we couldn’t be more pleased”  - Nick Aldrich, Social Media Executive, Accor Pacific

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