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How To Create The Perfect Bio

How To Create The Perfect Bio

If we haven’t made it clear yet how important your portfolio bio is, we’ll just say it one more time – your portfolio bio is everything!

A compelling bio is short and powerful. It should communicate who you are, what you do and most importantly how you can help others. This is a key part of a well written bio, because it moves the focus from you to the person who reads it.

We recommend starting with the "who, what, where, how, why" to form the foundation of your bio.

  • WHO: your name, your profession and passion
  • WHAT: your experience in that profession to date (e.g. genres, publications)
  • HOW: the people you have worked with along the way
  • WHERE: locations you have worked on
  • WHY: what makes you unique, what is your characteristic, what is your working style

For example:

I am …………….. (name) ,……………… who specialises in (photographer/fashion/stylist/videographer/influencer/acting), with a passion for ………………. (your passion relating to your talent ). I work mainly in the fields of ………………… (2-3 genres) but really enjoy working in …………….. (2 other genres). To date, I have worked with ………………. (agency/photographer/publication). There I did ………………… (ad, campaign, video etc.) and had some photos published in ……………… (2-3 publication names, advertisements or campaigns). I am available for collaborations in ………………… (country/city) and can travel to other locations.  I am/have ……………………… (something that describes your personality).

What else can I do to make my bio look enticing?

In addition, making the most of your allotted pictures can then turn a good profile bio into a great one.

You can do this by complementing your bio with relevant photos so that it clearly tells the story of your expertise.

We encourage you to use between 5-10 images from each shoot you have completed, without watermarks.

These images need to be in the style that suits your talent. For example, models who want to show their versatility will need to include natural headshots with their commercial and editorial shots.

If you feel like your profile isn’t as polished as it could be, or you’re looking to improve on your existing pictures, you can always reach out to theright.fit team to organise professional shots that will have you looking as good as you should.

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